8 Tips for Removing Kitchen Smells from Your Vegas Uniform

8 Tips for Removing Kitchen Smells from Your Vegas Uniform

It can be inconvenient when undesired smells decide to cling to tour clothes. For those who work in the kitchen, this is experienced every day. To help with keeping workwear Las Vegas clean and odor free, here are 8 tips to easily remove kitchen smells from any uniform.

Hang in Fresh Air

Hanging clothes outside near plant is the best option. Plants help absorb these chemicals and leave clothes smelling fresher. However, a nicely lit and breezy room will also do the trick.

Use Vodka

It was stated in BK Accelerator that vodka can be a great cleaning agent since kills bacteria and dries odorless. Mixing 60% vodka and 40% water in a spray bottle can eliminate the odors in your Las Vegas workwear.

Put it the Freezer

The freezer method is especially effective with denim. Bacteria cannot survive in low temperature so popping these items in the freezer for a couple of hours will take care of the musky smells. To give your clothes extra protection, you can put the denim in a canvas bag before freezing.

Baking Soda Trick

This is one of the most popular and easy methods. Make a paste of baking soda and water and place this in the affected areas. Once dry, scrub out the powdery residue and your workwear Las Vegas is now odor free.

Lemon Trick

A little lemon juice and water can work just as well as detergent. Apply this mixture to stained or smelly areas and enjoy zesty and fresh results.

Freshly Ground Coffee

Closets can have really musky smells and this can affect the smell of workwear in Las Vegas. To take care of this undesired odor, place a bowl of freshly ground coffee in a dresser and it will do a great job of absorbing the musky smell.

Essential Oil Spray

For the clothes which are still clean but has lost their fresh scent, a little spritz of a mixture of water and essential oils can bring back the freshness of the item.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

This soap is highly effective for cleaning undergarments and socks. Take your dirty laundry with you while taking a bath and soak them in this soap. Doing this saves so much water and leaves underwear and socks smelling great.

Keep your uniforms fresh with these cleaning methods. Make sure to purchase quality uniforms and half the job of keeping uniforms pristine is done. Check out Las Vegas Uniforms for all your uniforms needs. They have quality brands like ChefWorks and Barco, and also provide embroidery and tailoring services. Visit the shop today!

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