Carhartt Las Vegas NV: Why It’s the Best Work Apparel Brand Today

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Carhartt Las Vegas NV: Why It’s the Best Work Apparel Brand Today

Carhartt Las Vegas clothing first came out to the public with their work apparel in 1889. Their very first customers were initially people in the trade of mining, locomotive and construction labor. Carhartt’s first attempt with dabbling in work clothes did not succeed at first try. Not until they asked the workers themselves what type of clothing were essential to their jobs did they get their attention. Because of this, the bib overall was created and made available to the general working class.

At present, Carhartt has already ventured out from work and safety clothing to comfortable and hip street wear. Work jeans were sold at about $30 when the company first started but their street wear brand today costs a bit more expensive. With around the range of $70, you can already buy a comfy pair of Carhartt jeans. But the more popular Carhartt jackets would cost you around $100 – a price that most people would easily pay for Carhartt’s known incomparable quality. But what really makes Carhartt stand out from the rest?

Carhartt’s Mission

“Honest value for honest dollar.” This was the motto Hamilton Carhartt, founder of Hamilton Carhartt and Company, worked with when he was finally able to get the attention of the railroad workers at his hometown. The clothing line continued to grow through the years because of his resiliency. During World War I, the company offered the US government the use of seven Carhartt factories in making uniforms for the US Military. And later during the World War II, the company created denim for the US Navy and essential work wear for the women who entered the workforce.

Although the Michigan-based clothing company has only ventured out into retail in the recent years, their cotton duck jackets and bib coveralls has never faded in popularity. Their products include an impressive range of comfortable rugged wear from weather-resistant jackets and vests to outerwear that has been perfected in warmth and utility. Carhartt in Las Vegas was initially been manufactured for work wear and the clothing line’s fabric may come off as rigid but this is only due to the fact that they use only the best and durable fabric that have been double-stitched for long-lasting wear. The only negative factor customers think about this clothing line is that most of its products are fabricated in large sizes. But this should not hinder you at all as smaller sizes are available for purchase and are equally comfortable and fits just right with any body type, even if it is the famous Carhartt jacket you have wanted to buy.

Carhartt Las Vegas NV clothing lasts longer than any work apparel and can take daily use most especially under rough weather conditions. All of their products are of quality, very comfortable and best of all, more durable compared to most brands in the market today. Their street wear has grown to be favored by sports fanatics, not to mention skateboarders who prefer jeans that can endure intense bending and stretching without getting ripped or scratched in the process. All this has made Carhartt what it is today and more.

Evolution of Carhartt

Youth started wearing work apparel in the early 90’s and eventually made it a fashion trend. As this particular fad spread and grew, the Carhartt Street Wear branch of the clothing line sprouted and began manufacturing hip and cool clothing and still continues to do so today. Carhartt in Las Vegas boasts not only their heavy duty work apparel but also its active and simple designs which are never showy or loud. Their Carhartt jackets are still popular and an absolute hit to all ages until today. They may not be as rough and sturdy than their work apparel but they have never been out of fashion and still prove to be worth the money, if you are willing to pay the price.

Although the company has been dubbed as a brand for the general working class, it made it a point to create clothing that can cater to women and children as well. But branching out into women’s work wear, like Hamilton Carharrt’s first attempt at work clothing, did not succeed at first try. After experiencing its flop, the company pulled all of its women apparel from the market and sent out people in women’s homes to research what they really want to wear. Carhartt Las Vegas NV reintroduced work wear for women in 2008. This accomplishment has made Carhartt women’s clothing account for about 8% of the company’s $500 million annual revenue.

In popular culture, Carhartt’s fashionable jackets have been used as a promotional tool in more ways than one. In the 1990s, the jackets rose to popularity when they were used by crack dealers to keep them warm and carry their stuff. This made the neighborhood kids want to wear them too as they thought this was cool. The Carhartt Jackets also found their way to the small and big screens. The main characters of the movie Interstellar wore them. And Mark Hamon’s character on NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, has worn numerous different styles of jackets, hats and shirts by Carhartt.

Their street wear version, Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP), is also often compared to famous street wear brands like Stussy and Supreme.

Why You Should Choose Carhartt

Choosing Carhartt Las Vegas NV as your choice for work apparel would undoubtedly become one of the best decisions you will ever make. Their work clothing line is basically indestructible as they can stand up to heavy washing without being subjected to shrinkage, fade or lost of fir or shape. Loyal customers of Carhartt even suggest running Carhartt products in the wash for a few cycles to make them feel even more soft and comfortable. The Carhartt Company is definitely one of the best manufacturers of work apparel today and still upholds their mission to provide honest workmanship in their products.

As Hamilton Carhartt would put it, “…when a man wears an article that I manufacture, his self-respect is increased because he knows that it is made by an honest manufacturer, who is honest with his employees.”

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