Chef Beanies: Why are They a Necessity?

Chef Beanies: Why are They a Necessity?

The strange tale of the origins of the chef beanie begins from the days of Henry VIII. It was said that the king ordered the execution of the cook when he found a stray hair in his food. His new chef was then told to wear a hat when he cooks. Since then, chef beanies have become an important part of chef uniforms. However, Las Vegas uniforms for those working in the food industry have already went through so many changes.

The Chef Beanies During the Olden Times

Chef hats used to be just hairnets worn by cooks to prevent King Henry’s experience from happening again. Since then, the chef hat or toques blanches went through a lot of changes. In France in the 18th century, it was decided that chefs should wear white hats to show cleanliness.

Each rank in the kitchen was required a specified height hat. The chef, holding the highest rank, wore the tallest hats. The system is much like the way papal hats define class and standing.

Modern Chef Beanies

The chef hat still is a symbol of authority and knowledge in the kitchen. Chefs still wear some headgear to replace the traditional white hat of ancient times. These days, chefs wear versions made of paper and modern hats like skull caps and baseball hats. Still, some wear the traditional high hat with pleats.

The Hat’s Main Function

Traditions show that an apprentice cook wears a skull cap. Once the Chef de Partie position is achieved, the toque is worn. This is not observed strictly these days in Las Vegas uniforms. Even head chefs prefer wearing beanies and skull caps. The function of designating class and position is therefore gone. Its main function now is to stop loose hair from contaminating the food and absorbing sweat on the forehead. However some chefs wear their hair long these days so the hat can no longer do its intended purpose. This is when a hair net is necessary.

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