Chef Works Las Vegas: Tips on Choosing the Best Chef Wear

Chefworks uniforms las vegas

Chef Works Las Vegas: Tips on Choosing the Best Chef Wear

There are many ways in assessing a restaurant. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone pays attention to only the food that is being served. Customers, especially the loyal patrons, gauge a restaurant from the parking situation to its overall interior ambiance, among other things. The thorough assessment that a person does upon entering a restaurant is what makes it paramount for restaurant owners to emphasize every detail. Part of this gauging process is how customers perceive the restaurant’s staff and one important factor to this is the staff’s uniforms. We at Las Vegas Uniforms know exactly the importance of chef uniforms that is why we keep in stock Chef Works, the leading brand for chef uniforms worldwide; to help you out with all your chef works Las Vegas uniform needs.

Restaurant uniforms come in different designs and material. The idea of making your whole restaurant staff look approachable, clean and presentable is one of the reasons why we have made a list below of helpful tips in choosing the best chef wear.

Choosing Coats


If you haven’t yet heard of the revolutionary chef coat material “spun poly,” then it is time you hear it from us. This type of fabric has numerous advantages compared to the normal cotton material as spun poly does not shrink. It will still look fresh after months of wear and tear inside the kitchen and doesn’t require any ironing; its colors don’t fade. Spun poly is stain resistant and has low maintenance when it comes to washing. Your chefs would definitely appreciate this type of chef coat because they can immediately wash and wear it without the need for ironing.


Chef coat styles should always depend on the many different needs of the one wearing the coat. To mention some are half sleeves coats, three fourth sleeves and full sleeves, among many others. They may all vary in cuts, but they are all available in a wide range of colors. Buttons on the coats and the overall length may also vary.


Unisex designs are ideal when it comes to chef works Las Vegas NV mainly for the reason of flexibility. A good cut should fit both men and women.


Not only does this mean the entire look of the chef’s uniforms but also the general usability. This is an important factor in buying coats because it will determine the overall comfort and usage of the uniform.

The chef uniforms’ may include the type of fitting, the buttons used, even the size of them. Vented cuffs have a way of adding elegance to a chef’s coat. A thermometer pocket located in the sleeve is also considered practical. Coats worn by woman chefs should be adjustable so it can achieve a perfect fit. These small yet important details can greatly increase the value of your chef’s uniforms that is why it is only right that you have all your staff’s uniforms customized. Here in Las Vegas Uniforms, we offer a one of a kind tailoring service right inside our shop. Aside from purchasing chef uniforms in large orders and bulk, you can also have your uniforms embroidered and customized with us according to your liking and needs.

Choosing Pants


The quality of your restaurant’s chefs should be taken great consideration. Replacing your chef’s pants year in and year out is not very practical and will cost your business unnecessary money so it should have a sensible and sturdy material. Polyester, twill and cotton are known for their outstanding durability. The spun poly is also an excellent choice for your chef’s pants as it is resistant to wrinkles and stains. Remember also to get warranties for your chef works in Las Vegas.


When choosing your chef’s pants, fashion and vogue should not be given more importance than your chef’s convenience. In fact, it should be the main concern when thinking about purchasing uniforms. The chef’s pants should be loose and flowing to give your chefs some breathing space in their legs and freedom to move about the kitchen. Chefs are known to continuously walk around, bend and move things so it would not be any good if the pants are too fitted and tight. Cotton, or spun poly, permits air to cool the chefs while in the kitchen. It allows the body to breathe, even in hot temperatures, through the clothing. The chef’s pants should feel relaxing, comfortable and bearable during intense hear for the greater ease of your chefs.


In one of The Chef Tree’s articles about the characteristics of a successful chef, it takes an entire team to make a kitchen run like a well-oiled machine. This means every single cook in the kitchen should have a certain responsibility and in order to be effective, they should have functional uniforms. Functionality of the uniforms is somehow connected to convenience as it determines how easy and effective it is for your chefs to move around the kitchen. Cooking utensils and towels need a storing space in the pants, even food at times. Large pockets are the best place for this. The spun polyester should still be considered in this factor because it helps insulate the body from extreme heat of the cooking utensils that your chefs will be exposed to while cooking. Chef works Las Vegas NV will also protect your body and provide a sort of barrier from any hot liquid splatters in the heat of the moment. Zipper pants are known to be widely used, but some chefs still prefer the elastic waists as it is more functional in the sense.


Lastly, another factor that you should be considering when purchasing your chef’s pants is the overall design. According to Wikipedia, the traditional chef’s uniform includes a traditional hat, white jacket, and black and white pants. The black and white pattern was the initial design for the chef’s pants when chef uniforms first came out to the public. It was designed so that the checkered pattern of black and white can camouflage and help diminish the spills and stains that the chef will acquire during cooking. It also helps the chef have a presentable appearance if in case he or she is called by guests – and this happens quite often. The color usually signifies the position of the chef and differentiates the higher ranks to the lower ones. Working cooks commonly wear the black and white pattern while the head chef only wears plain black.

Even if the restaurant uniforms may not be on top of the restaurateur’s priority list in opening a catering business, it should not be taken for granted in any way. When a working cook or head chef is uneasy with his or her uniform, it may affect his or her cooking abilities and skills and eventually perform at a sub-par standard. Providing the highest quality of chef works in Las Vegas to your chefs will not only motivate them to excel in their job, it will also help them represent your restaurant and the standards you believe in.

Choosing the appropriate style or clothing material for your chef’s uniforms may seem like a daunting task but it can yield great results for both your chefs and your business. We totally understand what makes the Las Vegas Uniform essential to the Kitchen and know exactly the kind of urge you feel towards bringing your business to new heights. That is why we at Las Vegas Uniforms cater to customers only best and the widest range of chef works in Las Vegas. We don’t only sell uniforms – we also have slip-resistant shoes that are perfect for the nature of a chef’s job! Visit our location at 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas or give us a call at (702)734-7070 for all your chef uniform inquiries!


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