Cherokee Las Vegas: The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Class

cherokee scrubs las vegas

Cherokee Las Vegas: The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Class

It is a widely known fact that healthcare providers are amongst the most hardworking people in the world. That is why having comfortable and proper fitting uniforms are essential to surviving those long hours of work. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right scrubs. When shopping for scrubs make sure to check out places that offer multiple selections so you won’t have to jump from one shop to another. This way, time, effort, and money are saved. Better yet, check out Las Vegas Uniforms’ store. Our 19,000 square feet store offers the largest selection of medical scrubs in the city. We carry a multitude of brands, like Cherokee Las Vegas, so you surely have a lot of high-quality options to choose from. Just head over to 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas and pick out the best scrubs for yourself today. You deserve it.

Choosing Cherokee

For people who love comfort, check out the Cherokee uniforms Las Vegas Uniforms offer. According to the Cherokee Uniforms site, they are the go-to brand for comfort and fashion since 1972. Cherokee’s medical scrubs are designed with these things in mind and that is why they are among the top favorites of healthcare professionals everywhere. Comfort, fashion, and quality are the top qualities that they focus on with an added twist of stylishness and a hint of personality. These qualities work together to bring a uniquely crafted fashionable uniform without compromising its functionality. Cherokee offers exceptional quality as they work with nurses nationwide and gain feedback to improve the quality of the uniforms. All their scrubs crafted and tested to make sure they deliver the highest quality for healthcare professional all over the world.

Choosing the right scrubs for yourself will be a breeze as long as you remember these few tips:

Consider the Cut and Neckline

There are many cut and necklines available on the market these days. Choose from the V-neck, mock wrap, round neck, and empire waist. If needed you can even have your uniforms custom made. Try out the U-shape, scoop, and boat neck. Just make sure that you are matching these with your body type to avoid looking ill-proportioned or boxy. Cherokee offers fashion forward styles so there are lots of options to choose from. Showing too much skin is also a thing to avoid as it makes you look unprofessional. Make sure that you are not violating any dress codes as well in case your workplace has established one.

Chest Pockets

Chest pockets are very useful for storage. However, overloading those chest pockets could put a strain on your neck and shoulders. Try to minimize what you put in the chest pocket to the basic essentials like for pens, notepad, or phones. Having too much in your pockets could also restrict movement as well as provide an unnecessary bulk to your frame. Also, if you don’t really put anything much in those pockets try buying those without them and go for a streamlined look.

Patch Pockets

This is good for storing medical instruments like the stethoscope which is essential to almost all healthcare professionals. Consider scrub tops and pants that have these pocket types as it provides extra storage and helps keep your hands free to do the things they need at all times. Choose roomy pockets over multiple pockets as this will give you a cleaner look. Multiple pockets may tend to encourage clutter in your work wear so it is best to avoid then unless necessary. Again, overloading these pockets makes you look bulky and unkempt.  For ladies, having pockets on  your scrub tops can help balance out your look if you have a top heavy frame as it makes the hips look wider.


Color should be considered when choosing the Cherokee uniforms Las Vegas nurses shop for. White is the traditional color that is most associated with healthcare professionals. The reason behind this is that it looks bright and clean and represents purity.  However, having a white uniform could be a challenge as it can be easily stained. Working in the medical field, stains cannot be avoided. Check out the color scheme of your workplace and use it as a guide to buying your scrubs. To be on the safe side, try to ask your employer if there is a color scheme that the workplace requires. If not, feel free to choose from the variety of colored scrubs Las Vegas Uniforms offer. If you are assigned in the pediatrics, it would be a good idea to check out the Cherokee Tooniforms. Cherokee offers fun and warm prints that will surely bring a smile to your little patients’ faces. They have prints from popular Disney characters to the ever so joyful SpongeBob Squarepants, some silly Looney Tunes characters, those cute Hello Kitty prints, whimsical Dr. Seuss, heroic Marvel Comics, and more.

Darks and Lights

If there aren’t any restrictions in the workplace, choose dark colors for your scrubs. Colors like navy blue or maroon can hide stains better than the lighter colored scrubs. Darker colors also have a slimming effect. Green and blue scrubs are also a favorite amongst medical professionals. This is because these colors do not affect the figure that much whether you are large or petite. They are also very easy on the eyes. Choosing calming colors can help when dealing with patients. Colors like orange and red can signal panic and alert. If you are a person who likes a lot of colors, opt instead for a printed scrub top and match it with pants that are solid in color. You can also change your scrubs to match the seasons. Las Vegas Uniforms offers scrubs for all season in all colors and hues.


The fit is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for your Las Vegas Cherokee uniforms. Although scrubs are normally roomy, fitting the scrubs before buying them are still needed. This ensures a proper fit for the wearer. Eyeballing the size does not always work. They may look great on the hanger or shelf but may not have the right fit. Choosing the right fit will not only give you comfort but will also save you from spending money on alterations as well. Wearing good fitting scrubs will give a person more confidence. We understand that everybody is unique and we celebrate that uniqueness in every person. That is why here at Las Vegas Uniforms, we offer tailoring services in our shop. If the uniforms just don’t fit as perfectly as they should, there is no need to go to another shop to get your uniforms altered. This allows you to make minor adjustments to guarantee a perfectly comfortable fit that makes you walk tall all in one go.

Side Slits

Side slits may look like a mere fashion choice. However, it actually has a really useful purpose. Scrub tops with side slits offer ease of movement for the wearer. This also helps in the scrubs ventilation as it allows a bit of air to pass through. This also provides ease when accessing the front or back pockets of the scrub pants. Watch out for short tops with side slits as they may tend to expose some skin on the waist. Going for high-waisted pants can fix that problem. Go for scrubs that just touches the hips for a more comfortable worry-free length.


In the workplace, if you are not required to use a nameplate pin, opt for some embroidery on your scrubs. This will give it a personal touch without looking too flashy. In the case that a nameplate pin is required, you can always opt to embroider your nickname or initials either on the chest pocket or sleeve. Las Vegas Uniforms understands that a little personal touch can go a long way. When buying uniforms at our store check out the embroidery section for a customized look. They can give you suggestions on the colors to use to make your name or initials pop without being too flashy.

Treat Yourself to the Perfect Scrubs

Last September 2015, Cherokee announced that Target will stop carrying their brand. This will happen once their license will expire which is on the 31st of January, 2017. Not to worry, though, Las Vegas Uniforms has got your back. We offer a wide selection of Cherokee scrubs in our store. If you have your own design, we can take care of that as well. We provide customization services in our facility. Just hand over your design and our dedicated personnel will happily cater to your uniform needs. We also offer slip-resistant shoes so you can match those with your uniforms as you shop. In the case of large bulk orders, we also cater to Corporate Accounts. Just fill out a form on the website to get started on the Corporate Accounts program.

We understand how hardworking medical and healthcare professionals are. That is why we aim to make their scrub shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible. Consider us as a one stop shop for all your uniform needs. Call us at (702)734-7070 or better yet visit our store and see the comfortable amazing selections of Las Vegas Cherokee uniforms for yourself today.


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