How a Clean Chef Uniform Translates to a Professional Kitchen

How a Clean Chef Uniform Translates to a Professional Kitchen

Whatever your office dress code is, it clearly has its advantages. Some offices require collared shits with logo while the food service industry requires employees to wear hair nets. These uniforms are used to represent your position in a company. More importantly your company should be upholding safety and hygiene. Chef uniforms Las Vegas are used for this important purpose.

This is especially true in businesses where food handling is necessary. A clean environment, personal hygiene, and security of the employees and customers are a must. It encourages professionalism in the kitchen as well as preventing the spread of bacteria in the food preparation section.

Why Wear White?

It is evident, therefore, that the kitchen staff should wear clean Chef uniforms Las Vegas when working with food. You most probably noticed that your favorite restaurants have chefs and cooks who are wearing mostly white uniforms. The reason behind this may be beyond the understanding of those not working in the food industry. The color white is after all the easiest to get stained. The reason behind it is both simple and interesting: safety.

The Reasons Why White is the Choice for Chef Uniforms

  1. It can be bleached for thorough sanitation.
  2. It is best for keeping heat away so chefs can stay cooler longer.
  3. It best shows cleanliness as a reflection of the chef and his kitchen.

Why Do Chefs Wear Long-Sleeved Coats

The answer again is safety. You might think that it is impractical given that the chef woks in a hot kitchen. Long sleeves protect them from splashes of hot oils and liquids. Moreover, it covers more skin so foods are safe from contamination of dead skin, sweat, and bodily hair.

The Ideal Chef Uniform

Chef uniforms should be able to protect the wearer and the food. When chefs are handling raw poultry, however, they are required to wear apron so that after food handling, they can easily remove the clothing. They can go on with the rest of their duties without the need for a full change of clothing.

Another great idea is to require kitchen workers to only put on their chef uniforms once they are in the food preparation area. However, the quality of the material should also be considered. For that, Las Vegas Uniforms have a wide selection of chef uniforms for you to choose from. We have styles from Dickies, Landau, Koi, among others. We can also embroider them for you. Or get a corporate account if you are a business looking for an easy way to supply your employees with Chef uniforms Las Vegas. For questions, call 702-734- 7070 now!

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