Dickies Las Vegas NV: Pioneer in Uniforms

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Dickies Las Vegas NV: Pioneer in Uniforms

People will judge you at first sight – by your physical appearance, anyway. The same idea rings true when it comes to work apparel. A client or a customer can instantly generate a first impression just by catching a glance at your working clothing during the first encounter. This is a crucial moment in dealing business with anyone because first impressions usually end up being a client’s deciding factor. Whatever trade or business you are in; your uniform is the best and most efficient way of identifying with and representing your company. It can also create an aura of trust and professionalism which inevitably all clients look for when doing any type of business arrangement. Dickies Las Vegashas been aiming to perfect the efficiency of work apparel and uniforms among men and women for almost a century now and remains the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide. For this reason alone, most companies and professionals from different trades in Las Vegas prefer Dickies as their go-to when it comes to uniforms.

Effects of a Uniform

While uniforms can certainly impose a kind of team spirit and legitimacy, some employees still prefer wearing their own clothes of their own choosing solely for the reason that uniforms can be limiting. Some may think as far as to hating the fact that they have to wear the same thing every single day. But what these employees do not realize is that their employer has a number of beneficial reasons why they require uniforms.


Uniforms, especially clothing that has a company logo imprinted or embroidered, create credibility that envelops clients and customers into a safe and secure place. Business transactions become smooth and clients become more open-minded to possibilities because of their newly built trust towards the company. They can also assure the customers that the company is reliable because it communicates commitment to the company’s mission and vision.

Equality and Belongingness

Uniforms give employees a sense of belongingness with their company, making them feel valued and respected in return. This also gives a positive reinforcement and makes them feel like they belong to a family unit. This factor alone contributes to the productivity of employees which, as a consequence, urges them to put in more effort in doing their jobs.

In addition to this, they tend to acknowledge and respect their coworkers because of their designated work apparel, such as Dickies in Las Vegas. This is a very important factor in instilling equality in organizations to prevent problems inside the workplace.

Choosing the Right Uniform

Dickies Las Vegas, NV offers top of the class uniforms that you can choose from. But getting the right feel and look of a uniform is necessary – which, unfortunately, can be a daunting task. You will either be faced with a lot of options or don’t know what to look for at all. To try and help you with this dilemma, here are a list of things you should consider when purchasing a uniform:


The nature of the job may vary from trade to trade. Some may require zero or less running about and walking around, which means a durable shirt and trousers will do. But some jobs require more than sitting down and doing paperwork. In this case, flexible and cool trousers and shirts would be the most ideal.Dickies in Las Vegas produces work apparel that is designed to control odor and are easily washed. Whatever the circumstances, be sure to choose the right fabric that fits the job description.


Figuring the right color for your uniform is not just about appearance. Believe it or not, there are actuallypsychological studies behind the power of color. White, for example, represents hospitality and cleanliness that is why it is used in the medical field. For most companies, neutral colors are the popular go-to especially in the construction business while others prefer a more vibrant array of color branding for their organization.

Think about the nature of your trade and how you want people to perceive your services when picking out a color. It is not just about branding but also how you want your customers to remember you by.


This is the most important factor in deciding to get or not to get uniforms for your employees. While uniforms are undeniably essential to the company’s growth, the cost of purchasing them is a critical factor.

Normally, the costliest work apparel are the ones that have striking details, the most aesthetically pleasing, and are built to last through wear and tear and for a long period of time. But before actually purchasing them, you need to ask yourself: Can you afford the uniforms? Will there be any extra costs in maintaining them? How much would it actually cost you to buy yourself/all your employees’ new uniforms? And are they worth it?

Safety & Purpose

After assessing the nature of your business, you have to make sure that the uniforms you will be providing yourself or your company follows relevant safety standards of the job and has actually a functional purpose.

For example, adding pockets to keep pens or receipts can be useful when you are in the marketing trade. For people working in the kitchen, flame retardant apparel should be considered. For people in the construction field, safety construction apparel such as vests and caps are strictly implemented to avoid serious physical damages. In considering all this, you are increasing productivity as well as safety during work hours.

Company Logo

Buying uniformly colored Dickies Las Vegas NV work apparel is a sure way to make yourself and your employees happy. But adding your company logo in your uniforms is undoubtedly the best and efficient way to increase promotion and separate your staff from the customers. One embroidered or printed company logo on your workwear can go a long way without compromising style and comfort.

Success in Uniforms

Companies that have smartly dressed employees set a standard of professionalism and trustworthiness. They give a strong, united image to the public and send the message that the company is established and experienced in the trade that it is in. When chosen correctly, uniforms can bring out the best in any job or business that is why we highly recommend you to visit us at Las Vegas Uniforms!

Aside from carrying the largest selection of medical scrubs, we at Las Vegas Uniforms also offer a wide range of uniforms, shoes and accessories. We also pride in our one-of-a-kind personalization of uniforms such as tailoring and embroidering – both of which can be found in the same facility so you don’t have to go out and look for one! Our shop located at 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas accepts large orders of personalized uniforms that can cater to uniform demands from large institutions, companies and other groups.

We have only the best brands of work apparel from Dickies to Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, and even sell school uniforms of the highest quality! So, what are you waiting for? That dream uniform of yours is certainly waiting for you here at Las Vegas Uniforms! Drop by today or call us at (702)734-7070 for a hassle-free service.


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