Five Steps to Keep Your Nursing Scrubs in Great Shape

Five Steps to Keep Your Nursing Scrubs in Great Shape

Whether you are a nursing student or already a practicing nurse, clean scrubs Las Vegas are essential to your existence. More than being good for your appearance, it also keeps you safe. Sanitizing scrubs should be part of your routine before starting your next shift. Here is how you can keep your nursing scrubs clean and in great shape.

Five Simple Steps to Follow

  1. Wash new scrubs separately using a mixture of cold water and half a cup of vinegar. This sets the color and therefore keeps it from fading too soon. It preserves the look of the scrub and extends its life by protecting it from the harsh chemicals used in disinfecting.
  2. Only wear the scrubs to work. To keep the scrubs clean, it should not be exposed to outside elements like pollution. So don’t wear them outside of work. We also recommend that you wear something else on your way to and out of your workplace. Just change into you scrubs once you are there.
  3. Place clean scrubs in air-tight bags. When not in use, store your scrubs in bags that can protect them from germs. If possible don’t eat while you are wearing your scrubs. Change clothes first before doing non-work related activities. By preventing wear and tear, you are prolonging the life of your scrubs.
  4. Handle your scrubs with extreme care. Don’t just treat your scrubs like the rest of you clothes. Because you need to disinfect your scrubs Las Vegas, don’t wash them together with your jeans. When you see any visible stains in them, treat your scrubs right away. When the stains dry, it will be harder to remove. You might need to buff them well which may damage the material.
  5. Wash scrubs though 2 cycles for proper disinfection. Turn the scrubs inside out, fill your laundry machine with cold water and regular detergent, then wash the scrubs in normal cycle. After the first cycle check the garment for any visible stains. Treat them with stain remover in case you find any. Use hot water on the second cycle together with ¾ cup of color-safe bleach. Dry the scrubs on the highest heat possible for half an hour. This will surely remove bacteria. Iron your scrubs then place them in a clean plastic bag.

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