Keeping Your Scrubs Spick and Span

Keeping Your Scrubs Spick and Span

Whether you are a practicing professional or a medical student, having clean scrubs is a must.  Not only does wearing disinfected workwear make you appear better, it is also essential for your safety.  When working in hospitals, your scrub suit is exposed to biological matter like blood and urine.  You are likely to come home with odd stains which, if left unattended, can lead to contamination.  To protect yourself, you must clean your scrubs thoroughly by following these great tips.

Pre-treat your scrub suits

Disinfecting is a harsh process that strips colors from your scrubs.  To preserve the appearance of your workwear, you must pre-treat them.  Before using them for the first time, wash your scrubs in cold water with half a cup of vinegar.  This technique allows the colors of your scrubs to set making them more resistant to fading.

Use your scrubs only at work

Reserve your scrubs only for work.  We highly recommend changing into your scrub suit only when you reach the workplace.  We also suggest placing your disinfected scrubs in airtight bags before wearing.  This protects them from germs and other possible contagions.  Likewise, after work, do not go home in your scrub suit.  Take it off and place it in another airtight bag.

Give your workwear special treatment

Unlike your regular clothes, scrubs need extra care.  They require more disinfecting so be careful not to mix them in with other clothes.  Additionally, if your scrub suits have visible stains, be sure to treat them first before washing.  For colored scrubs, use a color-safe stain remover.

Wash your scrub suits twice

To properly clean your scrubs, you have to send them through two wash cycles.  First, turn them inside out and send them through a regular or normal cycle.  Use cold water and regular detergent.  Because scrubs need room to move, set the load size to large or extra-large regardless of the actual size of your load.  Once the first washing is done, check your workwear.  If stains are still visible, treat them with a stain remover and repeat washing.

After all stains are removed, add 3/4 cup of color-safe bleach into your machine’s bleach dispenser.  Wash your scrubs in normal or regular setting but this time with hot water.  If your machine does not have a bleach dispenser, just add the bleach after the machine is filled completely with hot water.

When you are done with both steps, dry your scrub suits on the highest heat setting.  Let them dry for 30 minutes to kill more bacteria.

Where to buy quality scrubs, Las Vegas

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