Koi Las Vegas: Wearing Happiness to Work

Koi uniforms las vegas

Koi Las Vegas: Wearing Happiness to Work

Choosing your nursing scrubs seems like the easiest task in the world. However, going with the wrong choice or fit makes you look unkempt or worse unprofessional. Not to worry, though. Las Vegas Uniforms, the largest uniform store in Las Vegas, has the biggest selection of medical scrubs in the city so there are lots of choices and brands to choose from. Koi Las Vegas scrubs is one of the many great brands that we carry. Our store also offers tailoring services in the facility to ensure that the scrubs you buy will have the perfect fit. Through this, there is no need to go to another store to have the scrubs tailored thus saving time, effort, and money. Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, visiting our 967 East Sahara Avenue store will surely help you find the best nursing scrubs that will bring comfort as well as professionalism with you to the workplace.

Designed for Happiness

Las Vegas Uniforms carries the largest selection of Koi scrubs Las Vegas has to offer. According to the Koi website, Koi scrubs are designed for practical everyday life added with a creative spin by their amazing and talented designers. They aim to create the things that people will love by turning it into something remarkably unique. Their company’s philosophy is all about creating beautiful practical designs that bring happiness to everyone. They even urge shoppers to visit local retailers, like Las Vegas Uniforms, to see their beautifully crafted scrubs in person.

When choosing your very own Koi scrubs Las Vegas it is important to know your body type. This is because knowing your body type allows you accentuate your strengths and hide the parts you don’t want others to see. Knowing your body type is also key to dressing professionally by ensuring a good fit. Scrub Mag even has an illustrated online scrub style tool that helps you pick the perfect scrubs for your body type. By simply taking a short quiz, the tool will provide the scrub types to wear and those to avoid.

Here are a few tips for ladies on matching your body type with the scrubs you choose.  Read on to see which type you’ll most likely fall under.

The Inverted Triangle

Ladies with this body type typically have broad shoulders, think of swimmer’s shoulders with sometimes a larger bust size, and narrow hips. At times, looking quite masculine is the problem for ladies with the inverted triangle body type. As a solution to that, wear tops with a dark solid color and pair them with a bottom with bright colors. This pulls the attention to those lovely slender hips that should be flaunted. Try a mock wrap or an empire waist that has a flare just below the natural waistline for your top. This gives the illusion of having a balanced figure. For the bottom, a straight wide leg pant will perfectly streamline your figure and balance your top. Try to avoid scrubs with shoulder pads or frilly sleeves as they will make your shoulders look even broader. Same goes for boat neck tops as well. Go for tops that showcase your beautifully narrow waist.

The Bottom Heavy Pear

This is the opposite of the inverted triangle shape. With full curves, the pear usually has wider hips and larger thighs. Just like the inverted triangle, balancing the upper and lower parts of the body should be considered. This is to attract the attention to the strengths and accentuate them as well. Having bright colored or patterned tops will draw the eyes upwards to where you are most narrow. The Las Vegas Koi scrubs are perfect for these as they have brightly colored tops as well as patterned ones that are very pleasing to the eyes. Showing just a bit of skin in the chest area helps, too. Make sure to not show too much skin as that will make you look unprofessional. Avoid the skinny fit pant as it just wraps up those beautiful hips and thighs, that you are very much gifted with, and restricts movements. Go for a fitted scrub pant for your bottoms as that helps streamline and balance the look.

The Long and Slender

This body type is one of the easiest types to dress for. Most models you see on the runway have this figure. This svelte figure have bust and hips that are finely proportioned with long and slender limbs. However, the waist is not very defined so sometimes looking quite long is a challenge. The aim is to give the illusion of “breaking” the length to look more proportioned. Have differently colored tops and bottoms help do that. A fitted jacket or a scrub top that cinches the waist will also do the trick. Tops with bold prints can also be considered as it will look great with your slender frame. Check out the beautifully printed Las Vegas Koi scrubs tops at Las Vegas uniforms. Don’t be afraid of prints as Koi’s tops may be bold but they’re certainly classy as well. Give your slender frame that much-needed boost.

The Curvy Apple

This body type has thin and slender limbs but has stores much of their weight in the abdomen area making the torso look short. To balance this out, wear a classic V-neck scrub top to draw the eyes vertically and give the illusion of a long slender torso. If you have excess weight in the abdominal area, an empire waist will cinch that waist, give you more curves, and hide those bulges for you. However, the best scrub tops that you can choose are those that have dark, stretchy, side knit panels. This will make you look slim as well as shape your torso while allowing you to wear those colorful scrubs. It is best to avoid scrub jackets as well as frills. Show off those beautiful slender arms. Just remember, anything that adds bulk to your frame is a no go. The aim is to lengthen the frame and streamline your figure.

The Ultimate Hourglass

Most of the time the hourglass shape is very easy to dress. It is a very feminine figure with lots of curves in just the right places. However, the challenge to this body type is that anything that is shapeless, like normal scrubs, make the body look boxy and large. Bigger tops will cover up those beautiful curves and make you even look bigger. Instead of the normal scrubs, choose a mock wrap or an empire waist top that hugs your figure the right way. Accentuate your curves by wearing scrub pants with a high waist. This directs the eye to that enviable tiny waist and shows off your figure. Go for straight leg scrub pants as well as they will make your legs longer and elongate your figure making you look taller. Avoid wearing tight tops and skinny pants. With the curves that this body type has tight clothing will tend to make you look unprofessional as well as restrict movement. Go for choices that just skim your figure and not totally wrap it up.

Feeling self-conscious about your figure can be a thing of the past.  Knowing your body type will not only help you dress but it will also allow you to choose the perfect scrubs that will make you look classy and professional. This also allows you accentuate and showcase your strengths and feel comfortable in thosenursing scrubs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints if your workplace allows you to. Everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. Everybody deserves to shine.

Wear Happiness Today

Whatever body type you have Las Vegas Uniforms has got your back. Check out our beautiful selection of Koi scrubs and wear happiness to the workplace. We have embroidery services as well so you can add a personal touch to your already awesome scrubs. Don’t worry if they don’t fit as perfectly. We got that covered for you. Our tailoring services found in the same facility can help with alterations to make sure those scrubs fit you perfectly. If you’re still looking for something different we also take custom orders. You can bring in your designs for your uniforms and we’ll completely personalize those according to what you want. We have dedicated personnel in the facility to take care of all your uniform needs.

We also offer the option to create corporate accounts if you needs large orders. Our inventory is large enough to accommodate companies that need uniforms for their many staff. Check out the Corporate Account section on the website to know to fill out a form for your Corporate Account Program.

Aside from the wide array of uniforms that we offer we also have a selection of slip resistant shoes that will be a perfect match for your beautiful scrubs. There’s no need to go to another shop to get your shoes. Right here in our store, you can choose the scrubs you want and check out shoes that go along with the look. We surely are a one stop shop for all your uniform needs. Call us today at (702)734-7070. Better yet, drop by our store to see all the goodies we offer.


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