What Do Your Nursing Scrubs Say About You?

What Do Your Nursing Scrubs Say About You?

Some clinics and hospitals have a set of dress codes for their employees. Those that don’t are giving their employees the chance to show their personality. Nursing scrubs are window to the owner’s personality. Let’s find out what your nursing scrubs say about you.


You are creative. Maybe your friends noticed this when you threw that one party ages ago. That was before work took over your social life. However, you still are able to use your inborn creativity in your choice of scrubs. On your first trip to Uniforms Las Vegas you spotted Heartsoul’s Chamed Low-Rise Cargo Pants and knew right then and there that it will look amazing with your Sapphire Paris V-Neck Top. And you’re not wrong!


You prefer comfort over style. “Keep it natural” is your fashion mantra. You dislike fussy designs because you think they only make you look untidy. This works to your advantage especially at work where you need to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Vibrant Colors

You are a frequent shopper at Las Vegas Uniforms. You like to hoard nursing scrubs in different vibrant colors. Your boyfriend told you you’re being too dramatic once. Maybe twice. Your aim is to make a statement whatever the occasion may be. Even on ordinary days you come up with sensational outfits.

Lots of Hearts and Flowers

You are a true romantic. You love all things pretty and feminine. Your scrubs are made with soft, luxurious fabrics. You love dressing up whether you are having a 16-hour shift or a first date.

Cartoon Prints

You are Tooniforms’ #1 fan. You have a playful, quirky personality that the kids at the pediatric ward find refreshing in a dreadful world of needles and thermometers. To them, your Hello Kitty Share a Hug V-Neck Top is always a welcome sight.


Your choice of nursing scrubs say it all. So does your gym membership and the running shoes you wear to work. Unlike other people who only wear sweats and running suits when out of duty, you are truly committed to your fitness that you can’t let work get in the way.

Immaculate White

You are conventional both in clothes and personality. You dress according to tradition. Your white nursing scrubs is a dead giveaway. This works well for you, though. In a sea of vibrant colors and fun prints, you stand out with your clean, conservative style.

You only need a few minutes of looking through the Las Vegas Uniforms site. You know what you want. You have probably tried different styles before, but your work clothes shows your true personality. While you will grow as a professional, sticking to your style personality will keep you feeling comfortable however demanding your job may be.

At Las Vegas Uniforms, we have the largest selection of nursing scrubs in the city. We carry a number of reliable brands and we have scrubs of various colors, styles and sizes. Whatever your personality is, we are certain we have something in store for you. We also offer onsite embroidery services if you want to add a personal touch to your nursing uniform. If you have any questions, visit us or give us a call.

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