ow to Care for Your Las Vegas Chef Uniforms

ow to Care for Your Las Vegas Chef Uniforms

Choosing to work in a restaurant means getting ready to get dirty. Spills and splashes happen, plus grease and smoke leave you smelling weird. Chef uniforms Las Vegas are a worthy investment that is why you need something that can last a while and could stay clean throughout each shift. Read the following tips on how to keep your chef uniform looking immaculate so you look professional, polished, and presentable.

Use Only High-Quality Uniforms

Scrimping on chef uniforms is a big no-no. There is a big difference between a cheap chef’s jacket and a top of the line alternative. And the fact is, it is visible through the thicker and more vibrant colors. High-quality products are also easier to clean and can stand repeated washings.

You don’t have to wipe out all your savings to get your hands on top quality chef uniforms. Check out Chef Works Urban Collection and you will find all the features you need in one item. They are modern in design, affordable, and of high quality.

Check the Care Labels

Before washing your uniforms, it is always advisable to read the care labels and then follow the instructions provided. Labels are there for a reason. And that reason is to make sure that the items last for as much as possible. Don’t assume that two jackets are to be laundered the same way. Read labels whether they are jackets, pants, or accessories.

Remove Stains ASAP

Spills and stains are incidents waiting to happen in all kitchen. The best way to make sure that your uniform stays polished is to treat stains immediately. One important tip: Never rub a stain. Pour baking soda over it and wash immediately when you get home. Never put it in the dryer when the stain is still visible.

Store Properly

Hang your uniform when you get home rather than leaving it on the floor to gather dirt. Storing it properly means you can save it from frequent washing, therefore extending its life. Although your Edwards Garment Chef Coat can take a lot of beating from the laundry machine, storing it properly prolongs its life.

Durable Chef Uniforms Las Vegas

Looking for chef uniforms in Las Vegas that can stand the test time? Come over to Las Vegas Uniforms. We have the highest quality uniforms for all industries plus on-site tailoring and embroidery services for our clients. Don’t forget to ask about our corporate accounts when you call!

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