Prevent Accidents at Work with Dickies Slip-Resistant Shoes

Prevent Accidents at Work with Dickies Slip-Resistant Shoes

Employees who work in hazardous working environments such as the kitchen and the hospital are at risk for slip-and-fall damage. When you pair fast-moving employees with washing and preparation spills, damaging injuries can be a consequence especially if you don’t take measures to prevent them. The good news about these injuries is that you can avert them from happening and harming you at work with Dickies Las Vegas slip-resistant footwear. Las Vegas Uniforms are the largest uniform store in Las Vegas. Aside from carrying the largest selection of medical scrubs in the city, they also have slip-resistant shoes in stock for almost all trades.

Where and How Slips Occur

Besides the kitchen, people who work in health care are also prone to slips. The Bureau of Labor Statistics have stated in their 2015 report that falls, trips and slips account for 29.3% of accidents at work. In worse cases, these injuries would often result to serious physical damage requiring necessary and additional days off work, and a decreased ability to perform the job at the same extent as before.

Slips and falls are also considered one of the main causes of accidents in restaurants. According to Tips Squared, 24% of slip-and-fall accidents in the kitchen are solely due to improper footwear. They also added that Las Vegas Dickies footwear has been proven to reduce the risks of slipping and falling by 50%. In simple terms, the possibility of accidents in the kitchen can be directly attributed to a server’s slip and fall. There is also a greater risk for people in the healthcare and kitchen industry to slip and fall than a cook to injure him or her with a knife. High quality slip-resistant shoes are the answer to completely prevent these blunders. When ordering your uniforms, Las Vegas Uniforms can handle corporate accounts and large group orders. They have an inventory large enough for companies, institutions and other groups that demand a large number of uniforms for their staff.

What You Can Do to Prevent Slips at Work

In addition to wearing a specific type of shoes, employees can also take extra measures to reduce the possibilities of falling. Rushing and running can lead to injuries at work. Baggy, loose clothing and shoes with leather soles can also put anyone at risk of slipping. The point is, no matter what job position you have in hazardous working environments or what kind of organization you work for, reducing the likelihood of tripping, slipping and falling is always ideal.
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