Scrub Stores In Las Vegas Tips: Improving Patient Safety In The Hospital

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Scrub Stores In Las Vegas Tips: Improving Patient Safety In The Hospital

Scrub stores in Las Vegas offer workwear solutions to help improve the safety of patients admitted in the hospital.  By wearing a clean set of scrubs, medical professionals significantly lower the risk of contamination.  Many people, particularly those who are not from the medical field, think that uniforms worn by nurses and doctors are just professionalism.  No, there is a more important reason than just looking respectable to patients.  Medical scrubs actually play a huge role in keeping patients in good health.  Aside from these helpful garments sold in Las Vegas scrub stores, here are other tips in that can help promote a culture of safety in the hospital.

Sanitize Your Hands – Always!

While this may seem like a standard procedure, many medical professionals still fail at observing this very simple practice.  There are actually many reported cases of contamination just because a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare staff failed to wash their hands.  In fact, the Center for Disease Control pointed out that less than 50% of medical staff actually sanitize their hands enough to satisfy hospital best practices.  So what is the proper way to sanitize?  Wash your hands every after patient visit.  Keep a bottle of alcohol handy at all times, and of course, use clean, sterile gloves.  Data shows that one in every 25 patients will catch an infection during their stay in the hospital and this tip can definitely help bring the numbers down.

Make Use Of Barrier Precautions

If you have a patient suffering with nosocomial infections such Enterococcus, you must employ strict barrier precautions to make sure the infection will not contaminate other patients.  Use disposable gowns and gloves as well as other disposable equipment.  After seeing an infected patient, make sure that you sanitize your hands thoroughly.

Beware Of DVT

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a notorious silent killer in medical facilities.  This condition develops when a patient is not able to move around for long periods of time.  Staying “stagnant” promoted the formation of blood clots, most commonly in the leg area.  Each year, 350,000 to 600,000 Americans suffer with this condition and believe it or not, almost 100,000 lives are taken by DVT annually.  Preventing DVT must include both medicinal and mechanical methods.  Heparins help thin the patient’s blood.  Medical devices too, such as compression stockings and other compression devices, help by increasing blood flow.

Scrub Stores In Las Vegas You Can Trust

Scrubs stores (Las Vegas) do not offer a silver bullet to your hospital’s safety problem but with the high-quality medical scrubs that we offer, we can help you gradually make positive changes and save more lives.  At Las Vegas Uniforms, we have the largest selection of medical scrubs in the entire area.  We offer reliable brands such as Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy (by Barco) and Koi.  Drop by today!  You can find us at 967 East Sahara Avenue.  You can also call us at (702) 734-7070 for inquiries.

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