Scrubs Las Vegas: Medical Uniform Blunders

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Scrubs Las Vegas: Medical Uniform Blunders

Medical scrubs, as most of you know, are worn by people who work in the medical field. Wikipedia states that when medical uniforms were first introduced, the nurse’s uniform consisted of a mainly blue. Today, however, scrubs Las Vegas are already available for purchase in wide arrays of colors in different kinds of patterns in the market. Being the largest uniform store in Las Vegas, we offer only the best brands of medical scrubs at Las Vegas Uniforms. Aside from this, we also keep in stock excellent slip-resistant shoes for not only people in the medical field but also in culinary, housekeeping and many more!

Things to Avoid When Wearing Scrubs

Wearing medical scrubs helps you look neat, presentable and professional in the hospital or where you work. Although some of you may not realize this, medical scrubs Las Vegas NV also have similar concerns that your other pieces of clothing can cause. These blunders happen a lot and do not get corrected most of the time. By following a list of simple tips, you can definitely avoid these common blunders and still look amazing and comfortable.

Revealing scrubs are a no-no

The level of your professionalism at work always starts with the clothes you wear. People in the medical profession are expected to wear medical scrubs that are bright and loosely fit for comfort but this should in no way mean that you can wear any piece of clothing of your color choice underneath them. Best scrubs Las Vegas made of thicker fabric are available for purchase but even these can’t stop your underwear from showing if you are wearing bright colors underneath. Another blunder that can really give a bad impression is a very loose uniform. If your pants are not fitted well on your waist, it can reveal your undergarments. Most people would think that wearing white undergarments can eliminate the possibility of a see-through incident but this can be disproved. In fact, any color that matches your skin tone is the best color to wear under your whites to avoid visibility. Remember that first impressions are important, especially in the medical field. Patients will want to be assured that they are taken care of by professionals and revealing or showing any sign of your undergarments is never a good sign.

Reconsider v-necks

V-neck medical scrubs look fantastic on almost everyone – except for very busty people. If this is the case for you, you may be putting yourself at risk of unintentionally giving patients and coworkers a peep. Make sure you make the right cut and fit of your medical scrubs according to your body shape and physique. Not only are V-necks risky for women, but also for men. Male nurses with hairy chests can also find V-necks a little more distracting. Save the V-necks for after work.

Never too tight

Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable to the person wearing them but also to the people around who can notice them. People in the medical profession should always be aware of this because they do a lot of walking and going about the hospital during work. To add to this, tight clothes are never a good sign of professionalism. Having your medical pants split open in the middle of doing your rounds is not a good impression on both your coworkers and patients. To avoid this blunder, have your best scrubs Las Vegasadjusted if you ever gained any weight and are already feeling the tightening of your scrubs.

Las Vegas Uniforms offers tailoring services right in our shop located at 967 East Sahara Avenue. Aside from this, we also do embroidery and customization of uniforms, even medical scrubs. You can have your uniforms personalized and fitted with us according to your body shape, job function and needs.

Too much black

When you are working in the hospital, you meet different kinds of people with different kinds of cases. Some of them will be suffering from anxiety or depression and although dark colored medical scrubs are great for camouflaging dirt and stains, they can greatly affect your patient’s disposition. According to Wikipedia, colors can have different meanings when perceived by people. For example, the color black represents grief and fear. Potentially adding to your patient’s illness should always be avoided. If you really want to follow with the fashion trends, you can wear other dark colors that do not represent a negative meaning. Purple, blue or gray are great colors for medical scrubs. They can also be matched and paired to add style and variety to your uniform.

Mismatching of colors

As mentioned above, mixing and matching your medical scrubs can make you look presentable and approachable in the hospital. This can also help patients to adjust easier to the idea of being admitted in a facility as bright colors usually divert any kind of negative thought. Mixing bright colored medical best scrubs Las Vegas can show people that you are energizing and optimistic especially if you have a long graveyard shift ahead. But overdoing it and mixing a lot of bright colors in your medical scrubs can make you look like a clown and this won’t do you good if you want to look serious with your job.

Dirty medical scrubs

Being clean and looking clean is on top of priorities of nurses and doctors. This helps them look more trustworthy and capable in their job. Working at the hospital means you can get your medical scrubs splattered with anything from blood to food to chemicals. And since most of the medical scrubs are in bright colors, it can wear out and eventually fade or attain a color that makes it look old and moldy. There is no avoiding it. There are cleaning products available in almost any store or shops that can do away these stains but they almost always leave a stubborn blot or mark. Always inspect your medical scrubs for any dirty marks. Not only do stains look unpleasant but it can also say a lot about your professionalism. As someone working in the medical field, you should always keep your medical scrubs spick and span.

Accessories and jewelry

Although watches are important and can help nurses and doctors in their rounds, wearing other unnecessary accessories should never be done. Germs and bacteria are ever present in the hospital and wearing jewelry can increase the possibility of catching them and unfortunately contaminating you, your coworkers or worse, your patients. Wearing small or less visible earrings are ideal but never bracelets, stacked or not, and rings.

Buy Medical Scrubs that are Right for You

In purchasing scrubs Las Vegas NV, it is important to keep in mind the responsibilities that are expected of you at the hospital or clinic. Durability is the number one factor that should be considered but they also have to be relaxing, comfortable and not overdone – just right. Your level of competency can show in your medical scrubs as they are the first thing that a patient notices so keeping your scrubs spick and span and buying the right ones can really go a long way.

In Las Vegas Uniforms, we keep only the best brands in uniforms in stock – even those slip-resistant shoes that you really need but don’t see a lot of! We don’t only cater to uniform needs of people in the medical profession; we also target customers working in the culinary, housekeeping, law enforcement and more! And if you need to buy in bulk, we are more than willing to accept large orders! For more inquiries, give us a call today at (702)734-7070 or visit us at 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas. We will be delighted to cater to all your uniform needs!


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