Things to Consider When Buying Scrubs

Things to Consider When Buying Scrubs

A scrub suit is every medical practitioner’s best friend.  Nurses, medical technicians and even doctors wear it to work each day and the kind of scrubs they wear often depends on the hospital they work for.  Some institutions follow a uniform guideline that dictates the specific color, cut and fit that its employees should wear.  Meanwhile, there are others that let their personnel wear scrubs of their choice.

If the institution you work for gives you the freedom to choose your scrubs, Las Vegas, then you must be mindful when shopping for workwear.  Your scrubs should not only complement your personality and style, but they also need to be functional.  So what are the things you should consider when buying a scrub suit?  Here are just a few.

Expensive or cheap?

Price is the last thing you should be concerned about.  Never skimp out on a good scrub suit that comes from a high-quality manufacturer.  If you think that you are making a practical decision by purchasing a few cheap pairs instead of a good scrub suit, you better change your mind.  Remember, you need to move fast everyday.  What would happen if suddenly a stitch comes out?  You don’t want to be held back by a wardrobe malfunction so it is always wiser to invest in durable scrubs.

Pocket or no pockets?

Medical practitioners are required to bring medical instruments at all times when they are at work.  Since you will be carrying a patient chart, a stethoscope and many other equipment with your hands, it makes sense that your scrub suit should have pockets where you can store other things like your pen and mobile phone.  Typically, functional scrubs have chest and patch pockets.  However, if chest pockets are putting stress to your neck and shoulders, settling for a patch pocket should be fine.

White or colored?

White is frequently associated with doctors and nurses.  It is clean and they’re quite refreshing to look at.  However, it is a fact that white scrub suits are dirt magnets.  Colored scrubs are the way to go!  Choose colors that are strong and dark because they can hold stains better.  Pick colors like black, navy blue and maroon.

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