How Uniforms are Perceived by Customers

How Uniforms are Perceived by Customers

You are what you wear. People usually judge you according to your physical appearance. The same thing is true when it comes to corporate uniforms. Whatever your business is, your employee’s workwear is their identification and the proof of their connection to your company. Here is what people think of your employees when wearing their uniforms.


It only takes a customer 7 seconds to come up with a first impression during an initial meeting with your employee. Consequential decisions are made just by looking at your employee’s uniform. Should I do business with this guy? Can this woman be trusted? Is she capable? Can he really fix my car? Uniforms make employees look clean and tidy, creating an aura of professionalism. The little amount you will spend buying high quality security uniforms in Las Vegas will bring a substantial ROI to your business.


Wearing formal clothes make people feel powerful. This is accoding to Abraham Rutchick, one of the authors of a study entitled The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing. Moreover, a white coat inspires people to become more attentive, according to Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky in their experiment called Enclothed Cognition. The feeling of power and having focused attention makes a person look confident. A confident employee evokes the same feeling from the client. It shows that the employee has a strong faith in the company’s products and services.


Uniformed employees are likely to be approached by customers than non-uniformed staff. This is especially true in industries where employees need to personally interact with people. Human psychology gives us additional advice in this matter: use lighter colors if you want to look approachable. This idea should be put in practice in hospitals where patients and their families are likely to be afraid or anxious. For instance, Code Happy has V-neck nursing scrubs in Crème de Menthe. This color promotes feelings of gentleness and amiability.


Do you have a business in the security industry? If yes, start shopping around for the best security uniforms in Las Vegas. Employees who are wearing company uniforms give a feeling of dependability. They seem to communicate the company’s commitment to the set guidelines. This can be reassuring both to the customers and the management. The feeling of dependability is especially important to your security business.


Companies with employees who are dressed professionally sets an image of success to the mind of their clients. This means that the management has the resources and the eagerness to invest in their people. This proves that the business is well-established and trustworthy, therefore creating a loyal customer base.

When chosen properly, company uniforms evoke positive feelings from customers. Whether you are in search of nursing scrubs or security uniforms, Las Vegas Uniforms is the best store to go to. We have the largest selection of uniforms in the city and we carry a number of trusted brands. We also offer onsite embroidery services should you prefer to personalize your Vegas uniform. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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