From White Dresses to Scrubs: The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

From White Dresses to Scrubs: The Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

It is uncertain where nursing uniforms Las Vegas actually originated from. Some say it took inspiration from the convents since nuns were history’s first nurses. This is why successive caregivers wore the somber black and white outfits that nuns popularized. Another theory suggests that they are owed to Florence Nightingale who dictated the nurses of the Crimean War what to wear. She ordered them to wear gray tweed dresses with long sleeves and skirts. They also had brown scarf on and a white cap on their heads. This differentiated them from cooks, laundresses, camp followers, and middle class housewives.

When the American Civil War came, the colors were in plain and simple black, gray or brown and layered with a white apron. A white bonnet was propped on the nurses’ heads.

The Emergence of the White Nursing Uniform

White being the simple of sterility in the medical profession came during the early 1900s. Relative to it came the awareness of the public that cleanliness and the prevention of diseases are closely linked. So during this time, nurses began wearing white uniforms. The shoes remained black, however. But that was only until the white-leather shoe polish became available.

How Feminism Affected What Nurses Wore

The rise of feminism in the 1960s, combined with a host of other factors, changed how nurses dressed. A lot of them, especially the feminists, complained of the stiffness and limiting character of the white uniform. So it was tossed and the nursing scrubs were introduced.

Some still wore the stiff, white nurse uniform until the 1970. Hospitals stopped laundering nurses’ uniforms and everyone had to clean their own outfit. Nurse wanted more practical and low maintenance daily uniform. The complete switch to comfortable nursing scrubs was a welcome and necessary change. It gave a host of benefits including comfort, functionality, and convenience.

Trendy Uniforms Las Vegas

These days nurse uniforms in Las Vegas are trendy, unlike the traditional ones which were bleak and boring. The choice of colors have now gone beyond black, white, and gray. Nurses can already freely express their personality through the many styles and prints of nursing scrubs.

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